8 фразовых глаголов для неформального общения на тему отношений | Informal phrasal verbs relationships

Поделитесь с друзьями


hit on someone

to flirt with someone

приударять, флиртовать

lead someone on

give the person false hope or expectations about the relationships

давать ложную надежду

hit it off with someone

quickly become good friends with someone

отлично поладить с кем-то

fall for someone

fall in love with the person


cheat on someone

kiss or have sex with another person
(who is not your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend)

изменять кому-либо

make out with someone

kiss a person very passionately

страстно целоваться

jerk someone around

manipulate a person or use a person for your own advantage

манипулировать, использовать

settle down

be in a long-term stable relationships


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