Фразовые глаголы: отношения #1 | Phrasal verbs: relationships

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Read the text and answer the question:

Jane is telling a story of her relationships with Jack.

J: I met Jack several years ago. When he asked me out I immediately said ‘yes’ because I really liked him. He took me out to expensive restaurants, theaters and concerts. I was so happy!

I have been going out with him for two years.  Surely, we had fights, but we always made up. But now I'm afraid we are growing apart. He has stopped telling me about his work and friends.

I can't put up with these secrets and I fear we are going to split up. I will never get over loosing him. I love him too much.

ask someone out

invite someone to go on a date

приглашать на свидание

take someone out

go with someone to a restaurant, cinema, club etc. And pay for him/her

повести в ресторан, кино

go out with someone

go on a date with the person once/be in a relationship
with the person

пойти на свидание/ встречаться

grow apart from someone /
drift apart from someone

slowly stop having good relationships

отдаляться от

put up with someone / something

tolerate a difficult, annoying, or unpleasant person or situation

мириться, сносить, терпеть

split up with someone/
break up with someone

end the romantic relationships

разойтись, расстаться

make up

reconcile after a fight


get over someone/something

stop feeling sad about someone/something

пережить, справиться, забыть

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